Many organizations in the latest decade are turning to low code development platforms to cut costs and speed up software development.

Low code development platforms have been around for decades but have only recently gained traction with enterprises at large. The technology is used in almost every industry, from manufacturing to healthcare and finance.

The low code app development platforms allow businesses to build applications faster by giving users access to pre-built and tested components that can be customized to fit their needs. These applications are usually built in a few weeks or less, which reduces operational costs while improving efficiency and productivity.

Low Code Development Platforms Practices

If you're new to software development, the term “low code application platforms” may seem foreign. But it's a big deal in the tech world, and it's likely to grow in popularity over the next few years.

What is low code? It's a general term for software development platforms that allow users to build applications without writing code. These platforms can be used by both developers and non-developers alike. Many people who use low code development platforms have no coding experience at all!

Low Code Development Platforms Practices

The rise of the best low code app builder platforms is an interesting trend because it reflects an important shift in how we think about technology. The days when the software was reserved for coders are long gone—if they ever existed. Low code development platforms make it easier for anyone to build their apps and websites, regardless of background or technical ability.

Low code development platforms are rising in popularity because of their intuitive design. The low code application development platforms typically allow developers to drag and drop pre-built components, connect them, and customize the application. This approach reduces the time it takes to build an application and can reduce costs by allowing large numbers of developers to work on the same project simultaneously.

Around 80% of companies agree that with a low code app builder platform, their IT department has got more breathing room.

Low Code Development Platforms Benefits

Low code development platforms are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial world. This is because businesses know their business application requirements and want easy ways to develop them. Low code development platforms provide an easier way to create business applications.

Low code development platforms are not only used by small businesses but also by large corporations. Many large companies have already adopted low code development platforms for their internal use or for use by their customers.

The benefits of using low code development platforms:

Low code development platforms offer various benefits over traditional software development methods. These include:

1. Faster time to market

Low code development platforms allow you to develop applications in weeks rather than months or years, so you can get a new product or service out into the market much faster. Some developers have been able to go from idea to launch in just a few weeks!

2. Improved agility

Best low code no code platforms make it easy to update applications on the fly. Developers can make changes in just a few minutes and don't need access to source code. As a result, you can quickly iterate on new features and make changes to existing ones.

3. Reduced costs

Low code development platforms are more cost-effective than high-code platforms because they require less training and ensure that developers only spend time on tasks that require their expertise. In addition, low code development platforms allow developers to focus on writing code instead of maintaining the application's database schema.

4. Increased customer satisfaction

Customers want to be treated like VIPs, which means offering them personalized experiences tailored to their needs and preferences. You can provide your customers with exactly what they want by building an app with low code development platforms. The app built using app builder will be designed around their needs, increasing the likelihood that they'll return again and again.

5. Improved collaboration with business stakeholders

Low code development platforms enable developers to collaborate with business stakeholders throughout the application development lifecycle. Business people can easily view what's happening with their application and provide feedback at any point in the process — from initial requirements gathering through testing and deployment. This improves communication between developers and business stakeholders by giving them visibility into each other's work at all times. In addition, it helps them identify potential issues before they become problems (e.g., missing requirements).

Low Code Development Platforms Benefits

Preventing rogue behavior of citizen developers

"Citizen developers" is a term used to describe people who can program but don't necessarily have a formal computer science education. They're often part of an organization's "business side" — people like marketers, salespeople, and HR personnel.

In many cases, these citizen developers are creating applications for their own use or for internal use by their departments. They're writing code on their own time and using personal resources to build apps that solve personal problems or help them do their jobs better.

The problem is that when you give people the ability to do something, they will often do it. That's one of the reasons why we have regulations like HIPAA, SOX, and PCI. These regulations are meant to prevent rogue behavior by citizen developers.

Another reason is that some organizations have very strict policies regarding what type of IT projects can be done outside of IT. For example, if they want to build a new application to replace their current one, they may require all future development to take place in-house.

This doesn't mean that you can't use low code development platforms for internal projects — it just means that you need to work with your organization's governance team before taking this route.

Here are a few ways to prevent the rogue behavior of citizen developers:

  • Make sure they know what's expected of them: Citizen developers need clear expectations about what their job entails, as well as how their work fits into the larger picture. They should understand how their tasks contribute to the company's overall objectives. If necessary, you can use tools such as project management system or Kanban boards to communicate these expectations visually and clearly.

  • Guide them when needed: Citizen developers may have questions about how best to accomplish certain tasks or even which tools they should use. If you don't want them wasting time trying out different methods on their own, make sure you're available to answer any questions they may have about their jobs and provide resources where necessary (such as training videos).

Summing It Up

Since it's clear that low code development platforms are the current trend in the digital industry, it is necessary to learn which low code development platform can be beneficial to your business. AppUp by 500apps is a tool that can help you build your apps faster and more efficiently. It's a platform that helps you build your own custom apps using drag and drop app builder features and a simple interface.

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It's important to note that AppUp isn't just for creating games or applications; it also works well for creating websites and other online platforms. To learn more about AppUp, visit the 500apps website today!

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