Best Low Code App Builder Platform

Create, monitor, and launch apps with the cloud-based drag-and-drop app builder so you can develop apps like a pro, from anywhere.

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From idea to app, in no time.

  • Create apps with little to no coding knowledge.

  • Allow universal access with multi-channel app development.

  • Create and store your apps on the cloud.

  • Include plugins for seamless data integration.

low code app builder platform

App Builder

Design, develop and deploy apps faster with Appup’s cloud-based platform that can be launched straight from your browser.

app builder
create on cloud

Create on Cloud

Build and store your apps right on the cloud for faster and more convenient development.

multiple users

Multiple Users

Get more built in less time by having more than one employee work on it at a time.

no training required

No Training Required

No need to learn code to bring your apps to fruition so you can get started immediately.

browser sign-in

Browser Sign-in

Save time and memory by building apps right from your browser for easy and maintenance free access.

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Intuitive Designer

Drag and drop your elements in place to design apps visually and intuitively and replicate your design to create more similar apps.

intuitive designer
drag and drop

Drag and Drop

Drag elements of your app and drop them where they need to go quickly and easily.

visual builder

Visual Builder

Design visually so you can have better implementation of your ideas and more control of your design.

real-time changes

Real-time Changes

See your updates and changes immediately with Appup’s responsive builder.

intuitive app builder

Intuitive App Builder

Create web and desktop apps intuitively by avoiding the need for heavy coding.

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Low-code App

Avoid complex coding to create your professional apps or include some code of your own to make them even more flexible and robust.

low-code app
no coding

No Coding

No need to be very technical since anyone has the skills to build apps.

diy app building

DIY App Building

You or your team can create apps without hiring expensive and highly trained developers.

reusable templates

Reusable Templates

Replicate the look and feel of your original app as many times as you would like.

professional app making

Professional App Making

Finished apps will look as professional as one built by a seasoned website developer.

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Easy Deployment

App deployment is made easy with reliable, simple, and cost-effective apps created to suit your needs.

easy deployment
cloud reliability

Cloud Reliability

Deploy apps on the cloud to help ensure they will be accessible and functional.

easy configuration

Easy Configuration

Configured without all the complex code, apps can be maintained easily.

cost-effective deployment

Cost-effective Deployment

Deployed on the cloud, the cost to host and maintain your apps are minimal.

pay as you go

Pay as You Go

Avoid long-term commitments or subscriptions and pay only for what you create.

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App Integration

Integrate your apps with data streamed from external sources and data from your legacy system or implement plugins and connect to cloud services for complete integration.

app integration
pre-built connectors

Pre-built Connectors

Stream data selected from other sources on your app with pre-built connectors.

integrate with existing systems

Integrate with Existing Systems

Integrate legacy internal systems and existing external systems for seamless continuity.



Implement plugins to retrieve data from third-party apps effortlessly.

cloud benefits

Cloud Benefits

Connect your app with popular cloud services including Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

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A low-code app builder usually refers to a framework for building an application without coding. It can be visual or textual, and it helps to reduce the time of development by more than 70%.

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