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Build, monitor, and launch apps with the cloud-based drag-and-drop app builder to develop apps like a pro, from anywhere.

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From Idea to App in No Time

  • Create apps with little to no coding knowledge.

  • Allow universal access with multi-channel app development.

  • Create and store your apps on the cloud.

  • Include plugins for seamless data integration.

low code platform

App Builder

Design, develop and deploy apps faster with AppUp’s cloud-based platform that can be launched straight from your browser, no downloads required.

app builder
build apps on cloud

Build Apps on Cloud

Create and store your apps in the cloud for greater accessibility and functionality. Develop apps from start to finish from any location, at any time.

multiple users

Multiple Users

Allow several people to work on the app at the same time for faster completion of apps, from design to launch.

no training required

No Training Required

Complete the app development cycle faster without requiring specialist experience or knowledge in coding or technical app development.

browser sign-in

Browser Sign-in

Use your browser to sign in and build apps to save substantial time and memory on your hard drives

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Intuitive Designer

Use the drag-and-drop interface available on this platform and visually set up the app logic. In addition, replicate your design to create similar apps rapidly.

intuitive designer


Drag elements of your app and drop them where they need to go quickly and easily.

visual builder

Visual Builder

Design visually so you can have better implementation of your ideas and more control of your design.

real-time changes

Real-time Changes

View updates or changes to your app's design in real time and respond to them as needed.

intuitive app builder

Intuitive App Builder

Create web and desktop apps intuitively by avoiding the need for heavy coding.

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Low Code App

Build interactive apps without involving code complexities. Automate and abstract the development process by using our user-friendly interface components, plugins, nodes and more.

low code app
no coding

No Coding

No need to be very technical since anyone has the skills to build apps.

diy app builder

DIY App Builder

You or your team can create apps without hiring expensive and highly trained developers.

reusable templates

Reusable Templates

Recreate the same look and feel across several apps by repurposing parts from your original project

professional app making

Professional App Making

Finished apps will look as professional as one built by a seasoned website developer.

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Easy Deployment

Deploy your applications with little to no hassle using our simple, user-friendly interface. In addition, with the app release notes feature, include information about product features, bug fixes, and other changes to your users.

easy deployment
cloud reliability

Cloud Reliability

Deploy apps on the cloud to help ensure they will be accessible and functional.

easy configuration

Easy Configuration

Configured without all the complex code, apps can be maintained easily.

cost-effective deployment

Cost-effective Deployment

Deployed on the cloud, the cost to host and maintain your apps are minimal.

pay as you go

Pay as You Go

Instead of paying a monthly fee, you'll be able to install one or several apps and just pay for what you develop via a more cost-effective payment approach

Find out more about Easy Deployment

App Integration

Combine different applications easily using APIs to stream data from external sources and legacy systems.

app integration
pre-built connectors

Pre-built Connectors

Integrate data from third-party sources into your app using pre-built connections to share data or stream data.

integrate with existing systems

Integrate with Existing Systems

Integrate legacy internal systems and existing external systems for seamless continuity.



Implement plugins to retrieve data from third-party apps effortlessly.

cloud benefits

Cloud Benefits

Connect your app with popular cloud services including Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

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Custom App Builder

Permit users to create their own apps with little to no coding experience.

custom app builder
ease of use

Ease of Use

User-friendly interface makes it easy to create custom apps that meet developer's specific requirements.



Add new features and functionality, make it easy to scale your app to meet the needs of your business.

deploy easily

Deploy Easily

Enables businesses to design and deploy apps quickly and easily.



Frequently used to design sensitive or confidential business applications, security is a major concern.

flexible plans

Flexible Plans

Allows users to build custom applications with less coding knowledge and provides a wide range of configurable solutions

Find out more about Custom App Builder

Pre-Built Templates

Easy approach to create a layout-specific application.

pre-built templates
customizable layouts

Customizable Layouts

Allow users to customize the design of their app without having to start from scratch.

professionally-designed templates

Professionally-Designed Templates

Easily customized to fit specific needs and provide a professional look that will help to stand out from the competition.

colors and fonts

Colors and Fonts

Vast choice of colors and fonts to choose from, so that developers can choose a design that fits.

build a unique design

Build a Unique Design

Providing the app a unique and creative style to make it stand out from the crowd.

no design skills required

No Design Skills Required

Create an app with the help of a low-code app builder, which allows to create apps with little coding or no design experience.

Find out more about Pre-Built Templates

Multi-User Collaboration

Two or more people can collaborate on a project, allowing organizations to increase their efficiency and effectiveness and produce better results.

multi-user collaboration
share same account

Share Same Account

Multiple users can interact with the programme at the same time due to a user interface that allows them to do so.

same time logged in

Same Time Logged In

Allows many users to access the same account at the same time.

custom setting

Custom Setting

Allows each user to have their own personalized interface, which makes it easier to create multiple interfaces for different users.

Find out more about Multi-User Collaboration

Drag and Drop Interface

Create apps visually, use the drag-and-drop builder. No prior coding or design knowledge is required.

drag and drop interface
easy to build

Easy to Build

Creation of an app can be done in a visual approach. Everything the user is doing and where it is going is visible to them.

reduce compatibility issues

Reduce Compatibility Issues

Lower the number of errors committed while coding an app, therefore improving the app's quality

rearrange items

Rearrange Items

Allows the user to rearrange elements on the screen, which aids in the development of a low-code app.

adding new functionality

Adding New Functionality

Allows users to add a range of features and functionality to the app while writing low code.

low coding required

Low Coding Required

Select the features users want to include in app and then arranging them in the correct order takes only a low coding knowledge.

Find out more about Drag and Drop Interface

Visual Modeling

Enables easier idea implementation and gives you more control while building apps.

visual modeling
app with a few clicks

App with a Few Clicks

Allow developers to choose from a number of templates that suit their preferences, visual builder makes it simple to construct apps.



Able to alter the app's design or layout, including the colors, fonts, and other graphical aspects

user-friendly interface

User-Friendly Interface

Not overly complicated or overloaded with information. It is simple for the user to find what they need and do the required task

real-time preview

Real-Time Preview

Easily design the desired app by dragging and dropping icons, and they can then preview it in real time.

Find out more about Visual Modeling

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