Revolution Of Low Code No Code Platform

There’s no question that the rise of low code no code platform is one of the most significant trends in enterprise software development today. For years, these platforms have been enabling citizen developers , those who are not professional developers to create applications without hassle of writing code.

Now, this trend is gaining even more traction as enterprises seek to accelerate application development of low code tools in the face of digital transformation initiatives and the need to quickly respond to market demands. According to a Forrester report, “low-code development platforms will be used by 65% of large enterprises within the next two years."

There are a number of reasons for the growing popularity of low code no code platform. First, these platforms make it possible for citizen developers to create applications without having to learn complex programming languages. This means that enterprises can now tap into a larger pool of potential developers, including business users who are familiar with the company’s processes and data.

Second, low code no code platform enable enterprises to develop applications much faster than traditional methods. This is because these platforms provide drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-built templates that make it easy to create an application without writing code. As a result, enterprises can quickly develop and deploy applications to meet their business needs.

Further, low code no code platform offer a number of benefits for enterprises, including reduced costs, increased agility, and improved quality. Low code app development can help enterprises reduce the cost of application development by up to 80%, while no-code platforms can reduce the cost by up to 90%. In addition, these platforms can help enterprises improve their agility by allowing them to make changes to applications quickly and easily.


Citizen Development Trends In Low Code No Code Platform

One of the most exciting and current business movements is citizen development. It allows project managers and other changemakers to create applications using a low code no code platform without relying entirely on the IT department and at a fraction of the cost and time commitment.

All About Low Code No Code Platform

The development of best low code no code platform using graphic user interfaces or minimal basic code instead of long strings of complex coding is known as low code no code platform development. This term is frequently used to describe processes and technology related to citizen development. Low-code and no-code technologies provide visual drag-and-drop or point-and-click user interfaces that are simple to use for anyone.

Low Code No Code Platform By Project Leads As Next Gen Citizen Developers

The Project Heads and Leads are the key professionals who have a high level of urgency to develop and deploy projects because time is of the essence for them. To improve project management solutions, project managers can implement citizen development within their organizations. Instead of waiting for their IT department to work through a backlog of projects with limited resources, they can use low-code and no-code technology to solve problems themselves.

Citizen Development Benefits Project Managers

  • Giving the power of innovation to those who are directly involved in projects.

  • Innovation is being accelerated.

  • Savings in operational costs.

  • Increasing project team happiness.

Deploy Low Code No Code Platform Using AI For Next-Gen App Development

According to Gartner, low-code or no-code technologies will be used in 70% of new applications developed by organizations by 2025, up from less than 25% in 2020. Low code/no code platforms are being adopted by organizations as a viable alternative to traditional software development. As digitization becomes more common, these platforms are proliferating, allowing organizations to create applications with little or no coding. Organizations are entering the era of citizen development, in which users with little to no technical expertise can easily create and customize business applications. Low code/no code development platforms are becoming massive revenue generators for software development firms due to their numerous benefits.


Understanding Low Code No Code Platform AI Tech

Organizations also believe that combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with low code/no code application development platforms will enable them to optimize workflows faster, augment existing processes, and scale easily as their business grows. These platforms facilitate the development and training of high-quality models that meet the needs of the business. Low code/no code AI enables businesses to analyze customer sentiments, make intelligent suggestions, conduct extensive data analysis, and capture previously unseen opportunities, resulting in profit maximization. Companies are using low-code/no-code AI to validate operations and improve user experience and engagement through branded applications.

Benefits Offered By AI-Enabled Low Code No Code Platform Development

Accelerated Creation Of Minimum Viable Product

AI-enabled low code no code platform development platforms allow for the rapid development of Minimum Viable Products (MVP). AI MVPs are supplemented with intelligent algorithms that provide necessary improvement suggestions, identify features that meet users' digital needs, and predict the likelihood of threat scenarios, allowing businesses to bring their big ideas to market quickly and safely.

Improved Scalability, Usability & Cost Optimization

Businesses can use low code/no code AI platforms to build much smarter solutions at lower costs and handle massive amounts of work in a proportional and profitable manner. Low code no code platform with AI Tech enables greater runtime scalability and the rapid development of user-friendly apps. Citizen developers (or Subject Matter Experts with little to no coding knowledge) with a deep understanding of user pain points can create visually appealing, cognitive yet simple apps using drag and drop tools, voice commands, and automated workflows - all while reducing technical debt.

Faster And Simpler Integration

AI-enabled low code/no code application development platforms can be used to create customised, user-friendly applications. They enable the successful development of code, workflows, algorithms, and analytical models that improve the software development process through custom application development. These platforms seamlessly integrate with external data, design templates, complex cloud apps, visual modelling tools, and other Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to provide app users with a better, smarter, and more connected experience.

Accelerate Time-To-Market

Simply put, AI-enabled low/no code application development platforms enable enterprises to more efficiently design, build, integrate, deploy, and even optimize mission critical apps. These platforms aid in reducing development-to-launch time, generating accurate predictive models, and enabling non-coders to deliver high-quality applications at an exponential rate. Through pre-built AI-powered development modules, organizations can even reduce time-to-insight, read through vast amounts of data, and execute more projects in the same bandwidth.


Future Tech Innovations of Low Code No Platform

According to most experts, AI-enabled low code no code platform development trends are a key driver of business agility and innovation. As a result, organizations are increasingly turning to low code no code platform using AI platforms to develop customer-facing applications. Ideally, technology will reduce reliance on IT, assist in the elimination of unnecessary expenses, reduce human errors, and optimize routine tasks. It will also allow businesses to digitize their processes, automate their offerings, and delight their customers with customized products and services.

Closing Remarks

Because they allow for faster development times and require less coding knowledge, low code no code platforms are becoming increasingly popular for next-generation app development. On low code no code platforms, AI can be used to further automate the app development process. This can be accomplished by using AI to generate code automatically or by using AI to assist in determining the best development approach for a given app. This can further accelerate the development process and make it easier for businesses to create new apps quickly and efficiently.

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